Are public competitive entrance exams relevant?

  • Pius Yimnai

    Manager Digicom Centre, Bamenda

    Initially, the idea of public competitive entrance exams was good but today we have lots of bribery and corruption in the whole process. In an examination were, say 50 candidates are needed and we have about 5000-7000 candidates who have registered, you will realise that government is making a lot of money by exploiting the parents.I say exploitation because it would be wiser for the government to take the needed number of candidates and let it end at that level. T

  • Elizabeth Djuisse


    Good, But Needs Honesty Public competitive examinations are good and necessary.

    It enables young Cameroonians to be employed in the public service. But, transparency and honesty has to prevail. Nowadays, integration has become public business which dubious persons use as means to acquire money. It has to be given to those who merit it.

Published on 24.04.2018

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