Do you think the BBC new pidgin language service is necessary?

  • Chris Laoghrey


    The BBC shouldn't be encouraging people to speak that nonsense. Speak proper English. It's a language but it's not a proper language, it's a crude simplified, perversion of the English language that mixes it with tribal languages. By speaking pidgin you are limiting your ability to grasp pure English and speak it properly, so it's a barrier for finding jobs outside your immediate environment. Pidgin is a dumping grown of a community. Speak the official language of your country, the language of your constitution.

  • Chris Prez

    Human rights activists

    With this service, BBC can get to the local communities and write news about the real Africa. It is an awesome idea. It is best thing I have heard this year. All these people against pidgin should close their mouths. If BBC can encourage it by creating a special station, nobody should dare criticise it. I think this will empower Africans that their language is powerful too

Published on 11.08.2017

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