Cameroon: G20 opposition leaders praise Biya for releasing Anglophone detainees

G20 leaders met in Yaounde at the weekend (c)

Cameroon: G20 opposition leaders praise Biya for releasing Anglophone detainees

Leaders of the Pro-Biya opposition alliance have praised the Head of State for his decision to free 289 persons detained in connection to the crisis in the North West and South West region. Meeting in Yaounde on Friday December 14, the G20 opposition leaders said the Head of State has…



Will Gov’t Disarmament committee solve Cameroon’s security crisis?

  • Ruyuy Nana

    Business Man

    The establishment of the structure complements the Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Plan and the Humanitarian Assistance Coordination Centre for the restive English speaking regions.
    It is lauded initiative as it shows the Head of State commitment to bring peace in the region. I think if well implemented, peace will return to crisis stricken regions.

  • Tubah Moses


    I think it is one of those overzealous Government's structures. How can you create a commission without calling for a ceasefire in the warring regions.

    A ceasefire should have preceded the creation of the committee for Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration. So, I don't see how peace will return after this.

Published on 11.12.2018

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