Will Biya’s new government help solve the major challenges in Cameroon?

  • Sorelle Nken

    Insurance Adviser

    Yes. The change can breathe new life into government's policy. With their experience, an as elders, one can rely on them to make things better. They already know the work and certainly know better than others what they can do to find solutions. They are the ones who started to solve these challenges. Therefore, they are more able to continue working to find better solutions.

  • Jean-Marie Nkoa Noah


    No. We can not reason that way and think that it will change something since the same causes produce the same effects. They are the same persons. They are just changing chairs, staying in almost identical places. It will produce the same results we have now. Normally the reshuffled government is expected to bring change to almost every department but they are same persons, how should we expect change?

Published on 06.05.2019

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