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SDF belated reawakening to reality

John Fru Ndi, SDF Chair ©All rights reserved

In a move which many keen observers of the Cameroonian political scene have described as a little too late, elected SDF officials have called for an Anglophone Dialogue Forum, which should be summoned by President Biya. The call was made during a press briefing at National Assembly last week.

In a coincized press release signed by some 15 SDF lawmakers (members of the national assembly and senators), the MPs took cognizance of the prevailing socio political atmosphere in the Anglophone part of the country and placed a clarion call to the powers that be for an urgent and immediate redress through an enlarged national dialogue forum.

According to Yaounde-based The Voice weekly newspaper, some well-informed persons present at the briefing were quick to question why it was at the end of two parliamentary sessions since the outbreak of the Anglophone problem that Cameroon’s major opposition party should propose an iota of a solution to the crisis.

It should be recalled that the SDF has of late come under crushing criticisms for not playing its role in this matter. The situation was further compounded when earlier, in the struggle, SDF lone courageous representative, Hon. Joseph Wirba, was publicly criticized by the party for addressing a burning issue at the national assembly.

Even as the SDF eventually called for a boycott of unity day celebrations, the public and especially Anglophone Cameroonians considered the action of the party and its national chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi as anti-Anglophone.

Further, the SDF’s call for a dialogue forum and the announcement of eventual choice of delegates have some elements of doubts since people can hardly come to terms with the observation that the SDF is calling for a thorough selection of delegates when the conference has not been called.

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