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Over 20.000 weapons circulating illegally in Cameroon-Atanga Nji

Atanga Nji

The Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji has revealed over 27.000 guns are in circulation as opposed to only about 3.800 authorizations.

He made the remark at the weekend three weeks after signing a communiqué prohibiting the sale of firearms and amunition in six regions of the country till further notice. He equally requested the closure of these shops.

Three weeks later, dealers in arms in these regions have expressed their dissatisfaction as well as revealed the difficulties they have been going through since then. However, Paul Atanga Nji was quick to remind them of the role they have played in the proliferation of arms in the country.

“The government was able to register 3,800 authorizations, while 27,000 weapons are in circulation,” the minister said.

“Armory managers do not always keep digital files that mention the identity and location of those who hold the weapons (…) If someone comes to your counter and wants to buy a weapon without permission, you can immediately inform the police … “, Paul Atanga Nji.

However, those involved in the sale of arms brought in some proposals in a bid to regulate their activity.

” we are proposing to the government to hold sensitization seminars on the law on firearms with their ammunition. We also propose that our colleagues take a firm stand on self-control. We also believe that the ministry must make rounds on the ground to verify the effectiveness, to verify if there is order and discipline, of the prescriptions of the law,” they said.

Published on 03.01.2023

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