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2018 Presidential: AU observers recommend single ballot system

The African Union (AU) Election Observation Mission, to Cameroon has asserted that a single ballot system will not only strengthen Cameroon elections system but minimise cost as well.

The AU observers, led by Artheme Kwesi Zunu, made the recommendation Monday, October 9 in Yaounde, after observing the Presidential election on Sunday, October 7.

While stating the importance of adopting a single ballot system, Kwesi Zunu urge Cameroon Parliament to reduce the minimum voting age from 20 to 18.

Hear him; “Based on the preliminary findings, AU recommends that the Parliament should strengthen the legal framework for elections by adopting a single ballot as opposed to the multiple ballot system in place, in order to minimise the cost and administration of elections,”

“The minimum age of 20 should be reduced to 18 years based on the principle of universal suffrage in order to promote the participation of youths in the electoral process,” he said

To Kwesi, Cameroon’s Parliament can strengthen ELECAM as an independent election management body through reforming its mode of appointments and mandate which includes, among others, accreditation of election observers and results management and the announcement of provisional results.

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