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2018 Presidential election: Akere Muna President on October 7, 2025

He already sees himself as the next President of the Republic of Cameroon analysing his tenure in office and projecting on the future of the country from 2025.

That is how event turned out to be for Akere Muna on Saturday  at the Yaounde Conference Centre as the flag bearer of the Popular Front for Development held his convention to kick start campaigns for the Presidential election.

The international lawyer plunged into time to project a Cameroon with democratic governance and a strong rule of law. Akere projected a Cameroon with a sustainable and broad-based socio-economic development index and a strong corporate and economic governance policy.

Addressing supporters at the Yaounde Conference Centre, Akere Muna promised to reform the national eduction system with a complete redifinition of the aims and curricula of schools and universities to better respond to the challenges of underdevelopment in all its forms.

These fell in line with the recommendations from an expert assessment of Cameroon using African peer review mechanism, APRM aimed at considering options, exposing perspectives and proposing pragmatic foundations for a “New Republic” by Akere Muna.

Akere Muna says he wants to catalyse the enormous potential of Cameroon to make it a democratic state, strong prosperous and with all its people at the centre-the people he already believes have voted for him and he is reflecting on his mandate seven years on.

The race has just started and he will be expected to convince the electorates in the next two weeks that he is the man to lead Cameroon forward.

Published on 28.04.2020

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