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2018 Presidential election: Cabral Libii calls for opposition coalition

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The flagbearer of the National Union for the Intergration towards Solidarity ,Univers, Cabral Libii has called for the eight other opposition figures gunning for the Presidential election to unite forces for an opposition coalition.

Cabral Libii, 38, was one of the nine candidates retained by the elections management body Elecam on Tuesday to contestn at the Presidential election on October 7.

For a first ever experience as a candidate, Cabral Libii said his team will immediately return to work in order to woo voters to abide to their vision

“I am excited (to have been retained by Elecam) but equally happy for Cameroonians who chosed me as their flagbearer. You all know the stress I went through to arrive at this stage thanks to them,” Cabral Libii said.

“Now we are going down to the field to convince the population to adhere to our vision and we are very confident in ourselves.”

However, he extended a hand to the other seven opposition parties retained to come together and reflect on a means of forming a coalition.

“We are calling on all the other opposition candidates to come together and federate our efforts on how we can secure our votes. We can hold primaries amongst us…to determine the candidate that will represent the opposition,” Cabral Libii said.

There have been widespread calls for the opposition party to form a coalition with the leader of the MRC party Maurica Kamto revealing last week that he had opened negotiations with other parties.

Published on 10.02.2021

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