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2018 Presidential election: CPDM scribe embarks on campaign evaluation trip to Bamenda

The Secretary General of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement Jean Nkuete will be in Bamenda on Monday to boost and assess the party’s campaigns as the October 7 Presidential election winds down.

Jean Nkuete who doubles as the head of National Campaign Supervisory Commission Jean Nkuete will meet a region that is working hard for effective voting to take place amidst security concerns, party sources in the North West region said.

His visit to the region comes after a midway evaluation meeting on Friday September 28, chaired by the Head of the North West Campaign Coordination Commission, Prime Minister Philemon Yang.

During the meeting, four parametres were used to evaluate the party’s campaign namely; the door-to-door, mouth-to-ear campaigns, polling activities and the relationship with administration and defence forces.

The signs were positive as the party realised the door to door campaign is effective 24 out of the 34 municipalities, otherwise sections.

In some sections it is timid while in some areas like Batibo, Bali, Bafut, Belo and Fundong it is ineffective because of the restive situation.

Mouth-to-ear is campaign in these difficult areas is better, although poor network in these localities makes it difficult to reach the electorate.

Another positive for the party in the region is the identification of polling agents whose names have already been submitted to the election management body Elections Cameroon though some local campaign commissions are yet to have a complete lists.

According to a report, urgent security reinforcement is needed in some areas while border municipalities such as Furu-Awa, Ako,Nwa and Misaje need a security watch. Although the security situation is under control in most parts of the region, the report stresses on “vigilance”.

Though party supporters live  under threats from armed secessionists ready to harm or kidnap them for ransom, they are determined to carry out their civic responsibility and vote their candidate Paul Biya on October 7.


Published on 28.04.2020

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