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Journalists demand apologies from Garga Haman Adji

The Cameroon Journalists’ Trade Union has called on the leader of the Alliance for Democracy and Development, Garga Haman Adji to tender apologies for disrespecting a journalist.

Garga Haman Adji has come under fire for humiliating TV presenter Cathy Toulou Elanga live on set after he asked he asked the main presenter to send her away or he quits the set.

The journalist who had to present a slot on the program titled “followers” on the program left the set to the disappointment of viewers who blasted the the attitude of Garga Haman.

The Cameroon Journalists’ Trade Union has joined its voice to condemn the attitude of the presidential candidate and urged him to tender an apology. The CJTU also  urged other presidential candidates to denounce the attitude of Garga Haman and equally called on journalists to boycott any program where he is invited until he tenders an apology.

Tuesday’s incident occured just hours after the elections management body, Elecam published a list of nine candidates to run for the Presidential electial election amongst them Garga Haman Adji.

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