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2018 Presidential election: Joshua Osih launches fund raising campaign

Joshua Osih

The flag bearer of the Social Democratic Front Joshua Osih has launched an operation to mobilise funds digitally that will help facilitate his campaigns ahead of the Presidential election scheduled for October 7.

Joshua Osih has called on Cameroonians to contribute massively in the operation in order to fulffil what he describes as “our dreams”

“In a few weeks, we will enter the most crucial period of the journey started since months now: the campaign for Presidential election on October 7,” Joshua Osih said.

“I will need your full support to make it.To finance the deployment of volunteers, produce communication material, and support all field activities during the campaign period, I will need your financial assistance.

“You can contribute in the fulfillment of our dreams by using the platform donate.osih2018.com, or going to my website, my mobile app or simply by using the cash collection process of your mobile network provider.

He stressed that he would welcome all donations from Cameroonians no matter the amount.

It should be noted that fund raising has been a familiar theme ahead of the Presidential election as candidate like Cabral Libii and Maurice Kamto have also launched fundraising schemes to support their various campaigns financially.

Published on 28.04.2020

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