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2018 Presidential election: Joshua Osih preaches federation on campaign tour

Joshua Osih received in Banyo (c)All rights reserved

The flag bearer of the Social Democratic Front Joshua Osih is in the Adamawa Region today where he will continue to woo voters ahead of the October 7 Presidential election.

He continues his campaign tour after holding rallies in the Mungo Division and the West Region during the first three days of the campaign where he has been stressing on taking Cameroon back to a Federal form of Government if he is elected.

“The first strong measure I will take is to return to a federal system of Government,” Joshua Osih said while adding that he will reduce the Presidential mandate to five years renewal once as well as a two-round election.

Amongst the institutional reforms promised, Joshua Osih said he will overhaul the elections-management body, recognising dual-nationality and granting a special status to the opposition.

Joshua Osih demonstrated to the local population how he will double their minimum wage and make Cameroon viable and strong economically.

Honourable Joshua Osih braved the bad road from Foumban in the Noun Division to the Adamawa to convince the population to cast their ballot for him for change and development.

Joshua Osih promised to recoup funds that have been lost through corruption and embezzlement once he takes office after the October 7 election.

After visiting Banyo, Mbere and Djerem Divisions in the Adamawa Region on Monday, a journey of about 700km in one day reaching out to the youths, he will continue in the Adamawa and later East Region.


Published on 28.04.2020

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