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2018 Presidential election: Ndifor Afanwi touring Adamawa to woo voters

Ndifor Afanwi Frankline is touring the Adamawa Region

The National President and flag bearer of the Cameroon National citizens movement CNCM has embarked on a pr-campaign tour in the Adamawa Region to present his project and woo voters ahead of the Presidential election scheduled for October 7.

Ndifor Afanwi Franklin continues his tour of the region today after pulling a mamoth crowd on Wednesday in Ngaoundere.

Afanwi sold an agricultural dream to the people of Ngaoundere while promising to bridge the gap between rural and urban areas by providing quality jobs to the youths in the locality.

“I told my compatriots in Ngaoundere, Adamawa region of Cameroon today that peace is an asset and that is what we at NCMC stand for. Peace and togetherness are the two core values needed in our beloved country Cameroon. I believe we can get there only through change of leadership; a system which governs with the fear of God.
His bless you all,” Afanwi wrote on his Facebook Page.

He stressed for the need of a balance between urban areas and rural communities while promising to put an end to the suffering of the people if elected.

“I want to thank the people of Ngoaundere in Adamawa for coming out en masse to welcome me and my team.
The people in this region have suffered untold economic, social and political neglect for the past four decades.

“I will make sure I address this problem of regional disparities and bridge the existing wide gap between interior communities and our major cities.

“That way all of our compatriots will have the sense of belonging and will not have to crowd major cities in search of jobs”. Prophet Frank said.

Published on 28.04.2020

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