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2018 Presidential election: religious leaders endorse Franklin Ndifor

Several leaders of churches have endorsed Franklin Ndifor Afanwi as their candidate for the Presidential election scheduled for October 7.

The religious leaders met in Bepanda Douala on Saturday as leaders of leaders of Pentecostal and other mainstream churches threw their support behind Prophet Franklin Afanwi Ndifor of the MCNC party.

They said their decision is backed by God and Prophet Franknlin Afanwi is God-sent who will deliver Cameroon from its problems.

“Cameroon needs a saviour to deliver it from corruption and all the satanic practices that have taken over the country and Prophet Frank is the right man,”Apostle Oumarou Dobgima of the Apostolic prophetic Tabernacle international ministries said.

Saturday’s meeting in Douala comes just days after the leader of the MCNC party organised a press conference at his party’s headquarters in Douala to detail out his political program.


Published on 28.04.2020

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