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2018 Presidential election: SDF supporter beaten in Bandjoun

Donatien Kengne at the SDF's rally ground after he was attacked (c)All rights reserved

The campaigns for the October 7 Presidential election are up and running since Saturday as the candidates scramble around the country to woo potential voters.

Apart from the numerous rallies taking place, several side incidents also come along with the campaign. One of such just happened on Sunday in Bandjoun West region of Cameroon where the electoral district secretary of the Social Democratic Front in Poumougne Donatien Kengne was beaten today ahead of the party’s rally.

Pictures emerged of Mr. Kengne with a torn dress at the rally ground and SDF’s spokesman at the rally ound Jean Takoungang said the act was carried out by the representative of the Cameroon Renaissance Mobvement in the area, a certain Barrister Fokam.

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement has not yet reacted to the incident as well as allegations.

On the campaign ground itself, the SDF is campaigning in Bandjoun after launching their campaign on Saturday with rallies in the Moungo Division which streteched up to Dschang in the West region late at night

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