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2018 Presidential election: traditional rulers back Biya for another term

Traditional rulers in the South region have thrown their weight behind the Head of State Paul Biya for another term in office ahead of the Presidential election scheduled for October 7.

Close to 1,500 traditional chiefs met on September 13 to renew their traditional vow to their “chief of chiefs”, Paul Biya the “Nnom Nguii”.

The traditional rulers who met in Ebolowa to perform a special rite through their incantations, reiterated their support for Paul Biya, and blessed him with  victory at the upcoming election.

The event was held in three major phases with the chiefs taking part in a conclave in the hall of the Ebolowa College of Agriculture where they agreed on terms of the rites.

They later proceeded by performing the traditional ritual before moving on to hand a traditional blessed object gto the Governor of the South Region to hand to the Head of State.

“Since 2011, we have made the Head of State our” Nnom Nguii “. From there, we sealed an alliance, we signed a pact. So we have the obligation to be with him, “said His Majesty René Désiré Effa, President of the Regional Council of Traditional Rulers of the South Region.

“This ritual is to spiritually and even mystically boost the candidate Paul Biya ahead of the election. It is a renewal of the contract signed in 2011 when we raised Paul Biya to the rank of “Nnom Nguii”, so with this gesture we want to continue because we must remain loyal in the commitments made, ” His Majesty Théophile Edjou’ou, third-class chief of Mimpkwele village.

The ritual ended with a march through the streets  of Ebolowa, followed by the handing over of a blessed object to the governor of the South, for the President of the Republic who is still out of the country.

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