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2018 Presidential election: UPC hits back at Atanga Nji

The Union des Populations du Cameroun UPC, has hit back at a decision from the Minister of Territorial Administration to “impose” leaders on the party.

In a communiqué issued by the party on Thursday,only “the President Habiba Issa and Secretary General Pierre Baleguel Nkot are the legitimate voices of the party.”

This is in contradiction to a communiqué issued by Paul Atanga Nji on Wednesday who said only Member of Parliament Bapooh Lipot was authorised to speak in the name of the UPC party.

He also outlined that persons to speak on behalf of the Cpp (Cameroon peoples party) and Manidem are Tita Samuel Fon and  Anicet Ekane.

Just two days after Atanga Nji signed the communiqué, Bapooh Lipot was pictured in a group of 20 opposition figures who came together to endorse the candidacy of Paul Biya at the Presidential election billed for October 7.

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