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2018 Presidential election:CPDM scribe accuses Kamto of betraying Paul Biya

The Assistant Secretary General of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement, Gregoire Owona has accused Maurice Kamto of betraying the Head of State Paul Biya while he served in the government.

Gregoire Owona was was  reacting at the Constituitional Council on Wednesday October 17 as he dismissed allegations of fraud brought before the institution by Maurice Kamto.

Maurice Kamto, a former Minister under the under Biya for seven years challeneged the incumbent on October 7 at the Presidential election but has since filed for a partial cancellation of the polls in some areas of the country for alleged irregularities.

However, Grégoire Owona standing before the Constitutional Council dismissed such the allegations while while taking Kamto back too his time when he served as Minister under Paul Biya.

“Maurice Kamto here said he had a frank and sincere collaboration with the Head of State but I say he betrayed ended up betraying the President,” Gregoire Owona said.

“Your boss (Head of State) can not discover your resignation on the media and you described your collaboration as sincere. That is a sign of betrayal,” Owona slammed Kamto.

The CPDM scribe moved to to dismiss claims of insecurity in the Anglophone regions that could have affected the election as he said his party was able to campaign in these regions and vote without any major incident.

Owon made his submission late on Wednesday night as the Constitutional Council continues to hear post election litigation as time winds down to the proclammation of the election results.


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