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2020 Tokyo Olympic qualifiers: Volleyball lionesses secure first win, top chart

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Cameroon’s volleyball lionesses have secured their first victory in the ongoing 2020 Tokyo Olympic qualifiers in Cameroon by beating Botswana three sets to zero Sunday at the Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic qualifiers for female volleyball involving five African countries including, Cameroon, Egypt, Kenya, Botswana and Nigeria opened yesterday in Yaounde with two matches played, Cameroon VS Botswana and Kenya VS Egypt.

The first match which opposed Kenya to Egypt ended on a three sets to one in favour of Kenya.

Cameroon’s volleyball lionesses outsmarted their Botswana counterparts by edging them three sets to zero in the second match there by toping the ranking, closely followed by Kenya who lost a set.

They will face Nigeria this Monday January 6 in their second game meanwhile Botswana will face Kenya.

The five nations are battling for a lone ticket at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

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