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26 Cameroonian clubs benefit from 2019 FIFAWWC Club Solidarity Fund

FAP and Louves MINPROFF, two Cameroonian clubs on pitch (c) copyright

The International Federation of Football Association, FIFA has given the sum of 205,508 US Dollars, approximately FCFA 118 million to some twenty-six Cameroonian clubs whose players featured in the 2019 FIFA Women’s Wold Cup as club solidarity fund.

FIFA has published the final report on the solidarity fund to clubs whose players participated in the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019.

The money that stands at 8.46 million US Dollars will be distributed to some eight hundred and twenty-two professional and grassroots clubs.

Among these clubs feature twenty-six from Cameroon, including Louves MINPFOFF.

The twenty-six Cameroonian clubs have received the sum of 205,508 US Dollars, approximately FCFA 118 million as solidarity support.

According to the FIFA report, the fund awards payments to clubs across the world as a reward for helping develop players who represented their respective nations on the global stage.

It is equally awarded to enable beneficiary clubs create a high-performance environment for the best players in the world and invest in developing women’s football at the grassroots level.

“By providing opportunities for talented players to pursue their careers and to further professionalize women’s football, the FIFA Women’s World Cup Club Solidarity Fund should ensure that the phenomenal success of France 2019 is by no means a one-off.” The reports reads.


Published on 28.04.2020

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