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81 security forces killed by separatist fighters, says gov’t

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At least eighty-one(81) security forces of been killed by separatist fighters in the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon since the crisis in the area escalated in late 2017, the Government of Cameroon has revealed in an official document.

The government said on Wednesday in Yaounde, the  government of Cameroon said 74 soldiers and 7 policemen have been killed in the conflict between armed separatists and the defense and security forces in the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

More than 100 civilians have also been “killed” by armed separatists “in the last 12 months,” the Cameroon government said while unveiling an emergency humanitarian assistance plan for  persons affected in the two English-speaking regions.

The document also adds that more than 120 cases of school fires by separatists were also identified while they have repeatedly attacked persons who did not respect calls for school boycotts.

Fightings between separatists and Cameroon’s security forces has forced several persons to flee their homes which has forced atleast 34.000 persons to cross into Nigeria as refugees while 161.000 others have been internally displawced, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency.



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