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SDF to boycott May 20 Celebrations

John Fru Ndi, SDF Chairman

The Social Democratic Front, SDF, will boycott this year’s May 20 celebrations, the party’s Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi, has revealed. Fru Ndi disclosed the information on May 7 in an internal circular letter to all party members.

The SDF Chairman in the letter explained why SDF decided to boycott the upcoming May 20 celebrations.

“Mr Biya’s inability to provide solutions to the pertinent problems being posed by respectful trade unions and associations, his willingness to provide Cameroonians with an inclusive electoral code and general government inertia is at the core of today’s deep socio-political crisis that rocks the very foundation of our beloved country”.

The Chairman also picked holes with the government’s nonchalance in resolving the Anglophone crisis. “The ongoing crisis is on its way to becoming a blank academic year for our children…we have called on the President of the republic on various occasion to engage in genuine and inclusive dialogue…Mr Biya has answered our repeated calls with characteristic nonchalance and inertia”

Mr Biya has answered our repeated calls with characteristic nonchalance and inertia. In view of the above, the SDF decided not to participant in the May 20, 2017 celebrations, because, according to them, there is nothing to celebrate. Chairman Fru Ndi say the protest is against the current decaying of the state of the nation.

He equally stated that the party’s upcoming 27th anniversary on May 26, will be commemorated without any in feasting. This he says, is in remembrance to all those who have lost their lost their lives and in communion with all those unjustly locked up.

Published on 05.05.2023

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