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Abidjan: why Ouattara wants sirens in his ministers’ motorcades banned

Ivorian president Alassane Ouattara sees sirens in his ministers’ motorcades as unnecessary noise pollution and a source of public nuisance.President Ouattara appears so averse to their use that during a cabinet meeting on Wednesday he announced a proposed decree banning sirens in official motorcades carrying senior government officials.

“I hear a lot of sirens in town. I ask that we stop the use of sirens. I will issue a decree to let it be known,” said the Ivorian president in a statement from the meeting shared with APA.

For Mr. Ouattara, his government’s mission is to serve the Ivorian people and in doing so nothing should be done to annoy them. 

He believes that sirens are “a real source of nuisance” for his compatriots.

However, he points out that the issue of the safety of senior figures will be examined during the National Security Council (CNS), which implies that he will soon make a decision on this matter.

Members of the government, led by Prime Minister Patrick Achi, on Wednesday signed an Ethics Charter aimed at enabling ministers to adopt ethical behavior. 

The charter includes notions of integrity and good governance.

Published on 10.02.2021

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