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Accused of Killing Young Fortune Ngassam, MTN Cameroon Defends Itself

united for cameroon
protest by members of United for Cameroon

The 18-year-old Cameroonian girl was the victim of an accident caused by MTN Cameroon’s pole. The events took place on 03 April 2021 in the Olembe district, north of Yaoundé, the political capital of Cameroon.

Informed of the situation, the management of MTN Cameroon had immediately notified the company’s insurer for formalities and called for immediate action. At the same time, MTN Cameroon took all necessary measures to provide moral support to the family and improve the medical care of Fortune, who was then admited in a hospital in Yaounde. Despite these efforts we lost Fortune, the company explains.

However, some time before this post, United for Cameroon, a civil society initiative of the Cameroonian diaspora in support of people committed to justice and liberation in Cameroon, accused MTN of killing a Cameroonian woman.

Informed of this incident, MTN did not lift a finger, abandoning this child to her sad fate. Only the efforts of the family allowed some care to be given to little Fortune, but because of their limited means, the child could not undergo the operations necessary for her recovery. She was paralysed from the neck down to her feets. The little Fortune will return to her family,” says United for Cameroon in a post entitled MTN Cameroon kills a Cameroonian woman.

According to media sources, after the accident, the girl was taken to the central hospital in Yaounde. The doctors diagnosed her with a head injury with immobility of the limbs. In the absence of adequate resources for her care, Fortune was taken back to her parents’ home, but “developed bedsores on her buttocks due to her prolonged lying position“, adds United4Cameroon, which states that until 27 March, four days before her death, “little Fortune was not taken care of”.

Published on 05.05.2023

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