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AfDB’s Nigerian boss denies favoring compatriots

The head of the African Development Bank, Adesina Akinwumi who is Nigeria rejects claims that he was favouring his compatriots over others working in the financial institution.Accused by a fringe pool of AfDB staff of showing favoritism toward fellow Nigerians, according to French newspaper Le Monde, Adesina in a statement categorically dismisses this as a mere allegation.

“An article published in Le Monde was brought to my attention. Following this publication, I was literally overwhelmed by the extraordinary expressions of support and solidarity that continue to pour in,” claims Mr. Adesina in a statement seen by APA.

The AfDB boss says he is “fully convinced that on the basis of facts and evidence, due process and transparency will reveal that these are all false and baseless allegations.”

In an article published online, Le Monde indicates that AfDB employees told the governors of the bank about “unethical” behavior and preferential treatment within the Pan-African financial institution.

“An internal, sensitive and annoying investigation is underway at the African Development Bank (AfDB). Discreetly because it targets its president, Akinwumi Adesina of Nigeria,” the head of the Africa’s flagship development finance institution since 2015, Le Monde writes.

The suspicion also relate to cases of “violation of the code of conduct” and of “hindering the effectiveness…affecting confidence in the integrity” of the AfDB the newspaper adds.    

In response, Adesina says: “The AfDB has a very solid reputation for good governance. It has been ranked the fourth most transparent institution in the world by Publish what you Finance.” 

According to him, this shows “great confidence in the governance systems of the bank set up by the Board of Governors.

“The Board of Directors’ Ethics Committee is currently carrying out its action within the framework of its internal review systems (and) let the Committee complete its review and its work without interference from anyone or any media whatsoever,” he adds.

“I would like all the staff, shareholders and partners of the bank, who are particularly dedicated, not to be touched or shaken by these obviously false allegations,” he says, adding: “I will remain calm and resolved, I will not be distracted.”

For him, “no lie, whatever its spreads, can never hide the truth. The truth will come out soon”.

Adesina says he will continue to fulfill his duties and responsibilities as head of te AfDB, with the highest level of professionalism and dedication.

Faced with this situation, the Nigeria says he will show an “unshakeable determination to lead and support the bank’s daring mission in favor of accelerated development in Africa, and to help protect the continent during this period of the Covid-19 pandemic”.

Published on 28.04.2020

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