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African countries are less happy – UN report

A survey released by the United Nations and published by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network suggests that happiness is less evident in Africa than in other regions of the world.The World Happiness Report seen by APA on Monday indicates that Africa stands out as the unhappiest continent, featuring countries like Rwanda, Togo, Madagascar, Central African Republic, Guinea and South Sudan as the most unhappy.

Mauritius, Mozambique Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Sierra Leone, Libya, Somalia, Tunisia, South Africa and Nigeria are happier as they are on the top 10 list according to the survey which was conducted in 2015.

Countries like Swaziland, The Gambia, Eritrea, Equatorial Guinea and Guinea Bissau do not appear in the ranking.

The report of the survey states that it has no data for these countries.

According to the survey, some of the reasons accounting for the unhappiness in Africa touch on democracy, education, poverty, water supply, health, infrastructure, crime and security.

The report of the survey was made to coincide with International Day of Happiness which falls on March 20 every year.

Happiness and state of positive well being are seen as appropriate measures of social progress which are the ultimate goals of public policy worldwide.

The UN launched its first World Happiness Report in 2012.

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