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Agbor Balla meets with British Minister of African affairs

As the crisis rocking the the two English-speaking regions in Cameroon drag on, key actors have been intensifying actions to find lasting solutions to the problem.

The British Minister of State for Africa Harriet Baldwin has been in Cameroon since the start of the week to meet with key actors to find a solution to the crisis.

Accompanied by the British High Commissioner to Cameroon Rowan Laxton, the British Minister met with Barister Felix Agbor Nkongho in Buea where both parties discussed on a wide range of issues about the crisis.

According the « former President » of the outlawed consortium, they discussed on the growing refugee crisis, the internally displaced due to the crisis, the situation of those in jail, those facing trial in military courts, the continuous arrests in the two regions and the alleged burning of houses by the military.

The crisis took another twist last month when the Government announced the extradition of 47 separatists arrested in Nigeria.

They have since been detained in a secret location with access to their lawyers and family members completely denied them.

Since the extradition, the crisis has taken another twist in the two regions with civilians caught up in violent clashes between the military and separatist fighter leading to deaths on both sides as well as those of civilians.

This situation was equally raised at the meeting as Agbor Balla called on the United Kingdom and other International partners to puch for dialogue with representatives of the people.

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