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Cameroon: Agbor Balla tasks Constitutional Council to serve justice to cameroonians

Human rights lawyer Felix Agbor Balla has tasked the Constitutional Council to serve justice to Cameroonians as the body enters the second day of hearing of post electoral litigations.

Agbor Balla was speaking at the Constituitional Council on Wednesday October 16 as he took the floor as one of the lawyers of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement to request for the partial cancellation of the Presidential election.

“I will give you the case of the Far North where the representative of the CRM was sent out of the polling station,” Agbor Balla told the Constitutional Council as he tendered in evidence to back up his claim.

He lashed out at the high handedness of some administrators who took upon themselves to bar access into some polling stations for representatives of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement. He lamented the fact that it was difficult to show concrete proofs of such claims due to “the law of force” that reigns in the country.

He pleaded with the judge to use his “force of experience” to ensure justice is served to Cameroonians to show the world change can still occur in Cameroon through the ballot box.

“This court has a duty to ensure that we leeave here, that justice (and) the perception that an election can be won through the ballot box should be respected otherwise we would have given credence to thos who believe that no change can come through the ballot box in Cameroon,” Agbor Balla said.

“We neeed to protect the interest of Cameroon. No individual is bigger than this country and Cameroon will outlive whoever is President today or tomorrow but we need to fight for the people,” the human rights lawyer said.

Agbor Balla went on to point out several irregularities during the October 7 Presidential election in citing cases in the Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region.

The Constitutional Council continues hearing the petitions and will after throwing out several others on Tuesday as it takes the final bend leading to the proclammation of the results.

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