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Agric Power Africa to invest $10bn in Liberia’s Agriculture sector

Agric Power Africa has disclosed plans to invest $10 billion in the agriculture sector of Liberia.They are expected to meet with Agriculture Minister Dr. Mogona S. Flomo Tuesday at his office in the Monrovia suburb of Gardersville and later hold a press conference to explain the significance of the

Making the disclosure to the media on Monday, the Chairman of Agric Power Africa, Aroms Emmanuel Aigbehi, said the investment is to help transform agriculture through jobs creation for youth and women, by providing improved technologies for smallholder farmers to cultivate
large farms, assist food processors to access export markets and work with the government for farmers to access loans to make Liberia self-reliant in food production.

The five-year investment also seeks to lift the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Aigbehi and his team are currently in the country holding meetings with government ministries and agencies on how the agriculture investment will benefit the people of Liberia.

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