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Akere Muna unsure over Southern Cameroons journey

Akere Muna

The leader of the Now Movement Barrister Akere Muna has taken a thinly veiled swipe at the struggle for independence by the Southern Cameroons people.

In a cryptic tweet posted on Tuesday, Akere Muna likened the Southern Cameroons struggle to the journey undertaken by Christopher Columbus.

While admitting that the Southerns Cameroons has travelled a considerable distance, Akere Muna said he is unsure where they are heading to.

The tweet by Akere Muna prompted various reactions from his followers with some saying he is just being hypocritical after his failures at the Presidential election.


Others think he should rather join the Southern Cameroons liberation movement whole heartedly.

The mention of Akere Muna’s name always draws comparism with his father Solomon Tandeng Muna and this time was not an exception.

Published on 28.04.2020

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