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Algeria to Construct Dry Port in Cameroon

Algeria to Build Dry Port in Cameroon - Sample

The announcement was made by Saida Neghza, President of the General Confederation of Algerian Enterprises. He disclosed exactly 500 Million Euros will be invested.

The delegation consisting of forty Algerian entrepreneurs arrived Cameroon on January 22nd 2023 with an “objective achieved 100%” . In the wake of this, Saida Neghza, president of the General Confederation of Algerian Enterprises , announced that her country will bring in other investors by the end of February 2023. They will build “a dry port that will cost 500 million euros or 327.9 billion CFA francs,” as reported by the daily Cameroon Tribune.

For the time being, the businesswoman does not give any information on the place where the infrastructure will be built, let alone how it will operate. However, it should be noted that the information comes in the wake of the signing with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Handicrafts of Cameroon (Ccima), a series of protocols for 07 cooperatives in 04 sectors of activity: coffee, wood, cotton and food processing.

In the coming days, an economic mission of about 250 businessmen will leave Algiers for Yaounde with a view to exploring these areas of activity including corn, one of the cereals most consumed by the country.
The realization of the dry port announced by Algeria would be the largest investment of its kind in the port sector next to the dry port in gestation in Ngaoundéré in Adamaoua and whose estimated budget is 1.4 billion F and that of Ngoumou (central region) still awaiting completion.

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