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Ama Tutu Muna drags brothers to court over family inheritance

In a summons dated February 19, Ama Tutu Muna has dragged his brothers to court court with regards to the inheritance of their family property.

The summons is addressed to Bernard Muna, Fombad Muna and presidential hopeful Akere Muna as their sister wants an equal share of the property left behind by their late father Solomon Tandeng Muna

According to sources, the row between Ama Tutu Muna and her brothers has been dragging on for long with traditional authorities in their native Ngye-Mbo unable to solve the matter.

The former Minister of Culture who feels cheated by her brothers was left with not option but seek the services of a bailiff for what she calls « justice » to take its course.

However, the move has been analysed in many quarters as an attempt by the regime to discredit Akere Muna’s presidential bid.

The summons first appeared to the public at the weekend when Akere Muna was holding a political rally in France with Cameroonians in the diaspora.

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