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Ambazonia activist Mark Bareta escaped police arrest in Belgium, Ambassador tells Cameroon govt

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Frontline Ambazonia activist, Mark Bareta is reported to have sneaked out of his base in Belgium after police launched an operation to arrest him, diplomatic sources in Cameroon have said.

During an audience at the Ministry of External Relations, Belgian Ambassador to Cameroon,  Eric Jacquemin is reported to have told Cameroon’s Minister of External Relations, Lejeune Mbella Mbella, that Mark Bareta espaced from Belgium as police were making plans to arrest the frontline Ambazonia activist.

Ambassador Jacquemin was summoned at the Ministry of External Relations on Monday, June 14 in relation to the attack on the Cameroon Embassy in Beelgium today by a group of activists.

In addition to the embassy incidents, both parties discusssed ways to crack down on activitists in Belgium sponsoring violence back in Cameroon.

The Belgian Ambassador reassured his country is doing everything possible to arrest all those sponsoring violence in Cameroon.

However, he seemed to wash his hands off frontline Ambazonia separatist activist Mark Bareta who has been operating from his base in Belgium.

According to the Ambassador, the the activist had fled the country even before the noose could tighten on him. With speculations over his whereabouts now rife, the government is set to turn to another diplomatic mission, whose country is suspected of hosting the activist.

Sources close to Mark Bareta confirmed to journalducameroun.com the activist has been out of Belgium for over a year now but declined to reveal his destination.

Last week, the US State Department issued visa restrictions on perpetrators of violence in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon but did not reveal the identity of those target by the sanctions.

Published on 10.02.2021

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