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Ambazonia forces kidnap GCE Board Chair Leke Tambo

The Board Chair of the Cameroon General Certificate of Education, Prof. Ivo Leke Tambo has reportedly been kidnapped in Lebialem by Ambazonian forces.

In a video making rounds on social media, the board chair is seen stripped almost naked in a bush in the presence of faceless gunmen. Journalducameroun.com can however not independently verify the authenticity of the video.

According to sources in Lebialem, Professor Ivo Leke Tambo was leading a delegation on Saturday morning to his native Lebialem to organise a ceremony to thank the Head of State for his appointment and that of Paul Tasong.

His delegation was stopped on the road by gunmen as they lefT Alou for Menji as heavy fightings ensued between security forces and gendarmes who struggled in vain to defend the delegation.

Locals sources also say, the former Mayor of Alou, Fogab Pierre was shot and wounded as he tried to remove barricades on the road.

Most officials in the delegation have reportedly taken refuge in the Divisional Officer’s residence while others have fled to neighbouring Dschang, local sources say.

Professor Ivo Leke Tambo, a native of Lebialem and former Secretary General at the Ministry of Education was appointed Board Chair of the Cameroon GCE Board on January 29 by Presidential decree.


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