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Ambazonia Motorcyle attacks have killed 27 soldiers- Atanga Nji

According to the Minister of Territorial Administration, the Ambazonian forces use bikes as their modus operandi to carry out attacks.

This is the main reason why he ;has decided to place a temporary ban on the circulation of bikes in some sub divisions of the South West and North West Regions.

“It is increasingly evident that the modus operandi of secessionist terrorists consists in launching successive attacks with about ten motorbikes each having a rider and an armed gangster,” Atanga Nji said in a communiqué signed on March 8.

“With this modus operandi, these terrorists have succeeded in assassinating 27 security officers and burnt several public buildings, schools, schools, hospital facilities , markets, private residences as well as vehicles in both regions,” the Minister outlined.

The Minister of Administration has therefore decided Thursday to suspend the movement of bikes in some departments of the North West and South West.

In the English-speaking regions, armed attacks on motorcycles are the favored mode of action of the fighter who who believe in their separatist cause, according to the Minister.

According to sources contacted by Journalducameroun.com, armed individuals circulate in localities aboard motorcycles and open fire at will.

In some cases, they move with these machines, but leave them far before walking on foot to the areas where they launch their attacks while abundant rains recorded in recent weeks have favored their operations.


Published on 03.01.2023

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