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Ambazonia scare deprives Limbe of Cameroon Cycling Tour

The 16 edition of the Cameroon Cycling Tour wrapped up in the nation’s capital Yaounde on Sunday to finally lay to rest speculation over the race.

One peculiar aspect about this year’s edition of the race was the sixth lap of the race which was supposed to be run between Douala and Limbe.

It was however abandoned by organisers  as they could not guarantee the security and safety of the cyclists into the South West region of Cameroon.

This was an issue raised during the preparatory meeting for the race back in May with the Minister of Sports and Physical Education insisting the Douala-Limbe lap should hold for Cameroonians in the South West Region to equally witness the race.

It was equally an opportunity to show the world that the area is calm and could host competitions but this was not finally the case as the organisers finally made a u-turn.


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