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Amnesty int’l urges Cameroonian authorities to free Michèle Ndoki

Michèle Ndoki is expected to appear before the Douala Court of First Instance (c)Jounalducameroun.com

Amnesty International has condemned the arrest and detention of lawyer and leader of the women’s wing of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Michèle Ndoki.

Last week, prosecutors at the Yaounde military tribunal charged Michèle Ndoki with rebellion, hostility against the fatherland, insurrection… before detaining her at the Kondengui maximum security prison.

Amnesty international describes ths as a violation to her fundamental right to life given that sshe was injured and forced to go in hiding before she was later arrested.

The NGO says Michèle Ndoki’s security and safety is not guaranteed in Cameroon and condemned the circumstances surrounding her arrest.

While calling on Cameroonian authorities to release her, Amnesty International also used the opportunity to call for the release of Maurice Kamto and all supporter of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement detained since January.

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