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Anger flares as TI denies links with Cameroon election observers

Anti-corruption watchdog, Amnesty International, recently refuted media reports claiming it had sent some observers to follow up Cameroon’s presidential polls.

Cameroon’s state media, CRTV, carried a prime time news report showing individuals who posed as observers for Amnesty International, just one day after poll day. In the report, the supposed TI observers gave Cameroon a pass mark, sating that all went well, with just little hitches of low turn out in the country’s restive Anglophone regions.

Reacting to the report, Patricia Moreira, Managing Director of Transparency International, said “the individuals shown in the report have no affiliation with Transparency International”.

She described the act as a deliberate attempt to impersonate Transparency International.

Filled with outrage, some Cameroonians cornered one of the reported ‘TI’ observers, Nurit Greenger, on Facebook, dragging her for using tricks at such a decisive moment for the country.

Responding to some of the comments, Nurit said she was invited as an observer by Agence Cameroon press which according to her is an organization that has as missions to fight media corruption. She also claimed they were trained by Transparency International.  

Hear her: “Cameroonians have THICK HEAD; TI DID NOT invite me to be an observer and observe the election, TI ONLY trained me. Agence Cameroun Presse (ACP) invited me! You Cameroonians act like irresponsible children and create your own bad news and poor future! Shameful behavior in the least“.


Published on 10.02.2021

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