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Anglophone crisis: CRTV sports journalist gets state subpoena

Fon Echekiye

Ignatius Fon Echekiye, ace CRTV’s sport journalist, has received a subpoena from the State Defense Secretariat,SED, to appear before investigators at the National Gendarmerie.

The summons compels Fon Echekiye to report at the Gendarmerie headquarters at 9 am on Tuesday in tandem with section 79, 82, to 92 and 103 to 105 of the penal code.

Though the reasons for his convocation is not made known in the summon, it however revealed that it is related to treason. Meanwhile, observers are already speculating that the issue has to do with the on-going Anglophone crisis. If he is apprehended, he will become the 9th Journalists to be arrested since the start of the Anglophone crisis. Echekiye’s summon has left many wondering how his name could come up for interrogation relating to treason, given that he reports only on sports while the anglophone crisis is in the domain of politics.

His appearance will be the second in one week after Barrister Akere Muna was previously heard at the same institution in relation to the anglophone crisis.

Fon Echekiye reacted to the summons by writing on his Facebook page that he is preparing for Tuesday’s interrogation. “Bracing up For unusual chat Tuesday”he said.

Fon Echekiye has been at the Sports Desk of CRTV ever since he was recruited 26 years ago. He was Chief of the Sports Service until October 2015 when he was appointed coordinator of CRTV Cluster Channels.

The journalist who hails from Noni in Bui Division, Northwest Region, has the unbeaten record of having covered five World Cup football competitions and ten African Nations Cup competitions.

Published on 28.04.2020

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