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Anglophone crisis could force CDC to drop 5000 workers

At least five thousand workers of the Cameroon Development Corporation, CDC, could lose their jobs if the crisis rocking the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon persists, management of the corporation has said.

The management of the company made it known on June 8 during a meeting with Staff Representatives and Trade Unionists where the state of the corporateion was presented and proposals made to caution the adverse effects of the current crisis.

“The year 2017 was not good for the Corporation. 2018 started with glimmers of hope in the Banana Group as well as an improvement in the Group Oil Palm,” CDC’s General Manager Franklin Njie said.

However, the situation mighty be gloomy in the nearest future if the crisis persists especially in the South West Region where the CDC mostly operates.

“Nine estates including Boa, Illoani Mill, Illoani Estate, Mbonge, Mukonje, Malende, Mungo, Meanja, and Tombel are not operational. There is no guarantee of selling palm oil next year, Illoani Mill is at zero production since the month of April, Mondoni is partially functioning and the security of workers is a major concern”, the General Manager explained during the meeting.

To avoid any misunderstandings, the General Manager explained to the staff representatives that their salaries would witness deductions as provided by the law if the crisis persists.

“from June 2018, workers from these estates should be paid 50% of their salaries. If the situation persist, it will drop to 40 % in July, 35 % in August, 30 % in September and after six months, such workers will be laid off,”the GM explained.

A committee was later formed by the staff representatives to formulate their grievances and present to the appropriate quarters.

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