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Anglophone crisis: Gov’t, activists battle over school resumption

Governor Lele Lafrique (with folded arms) and close aides on a field trip- (File photo)

The government of Cameroon and Anglophone activists are involved in what many described as a combat to ensure that schools resume in the country’s English speaking regions.

According to online reports, while the government has stuck to massive state media campaign, several official visits, all in the bid to get classes resume, Anglophone activists on the other hand are using the social media to ensure that schools remain closed in the crisis stricken regions.

Some die hard Anglophone activists, reports say, have embarked on producing death threatening tracts warning parents and school proprietors to deter them from sending their children to school or opening school gates respectively. Recently, members of the Anglophone consortium issued a release extending ghost towns to three days in the affected regions.

With the rising tensions and a seemingly unclear new academic year, some English speaking parents say they are prepared to send their children to other regions so they could get the education they desire. Meanwhile others who can’t afford the cost which comes with schooling children in other regions, say they will succumb to the activists’ school boycott call.

The 2017/2018 academic year fixed for September 5, is barely few weeks away. Since the crisis began some months back, rights groups have been taking turns to call for profound dialogue. To them, breaking the current impasse requires good faith and extensive dialogue between parties but both government and Anglophone activists are yet heed to such calls, as each side seems to be bend on having their way.

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