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Anglophone crisis : At least 160 Anglophones still detained in Kondengui

A list of 161 persons arrested and detained in Kondengui in connection to the crisis rocking the two-English speaking regions.

There have been waves of arrests since the crisis started with the bulk of the persons arrested coming from the two affected regions.

Despite the release of some of the detainess last year in August by Presidential clemency, the number of new arrivals in Kondengui keep swelling given the constant arrests in the regions.

Last month, the detaines in Kondengui wrote a letter signed by Mancho Bibixy and Penn Terence decrying their deteriorating conditions in the prison while calling for assistance from the public.

Out of the 161 persons currently detained in Kondengui, some have been there since November when the crisis morphed into the streets.

The situation of the Anglophone detainees was one of the subjects of discussion on Wednesday when the British Minister of State for African Affairs Harriet Baldwin and the « former President » of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium met to seek ways to bring lasting solutions to the crisis.


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