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Anglophone crisis: Limbe gov’t delegate inducts peace walk against arson attacks

Andrew Motanga Mojimba Government delegate, Limbe city

Andrew Motanga Mojimba, government delegate to the limbe city council has launched a peace march against arson attacks that has grounded the city for some time now, with the most recent being the razing up of the limbe old town market .

Andrew Motanga Mojimba together with Zang III, senior divisional officer for Fako Zang and other elites from Limbe, South West region, on Wednesday, marched against what they called ghost town scare.

In an interview he granted Cameroon’s state television, CRTV, the government delegate said, the people of Limbe are tired of ghost town days and its implications on their children. He said ghost town has done great harm to the people of the area especially businessmen who have lost enormously due to the constant closure of shops and markets.

The peace walk, Motanga said, is intended to end the ‘ghost town’ and send a strong message to communicators that the people of Limbe will not condone with their tactics.

The “operation zero ghost town” in the City, which began with a peace walk through out the city of Limbe to sensitise the population to desist from ‘ghost town’, comes barely few days after some shops from two main markets in Limbe were razed by fire in what many say had a criminal hand.

Reacting to the peace march, some interim leaders of the outlawed anglophone consortium stated on social media that those who took part in the march were members of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Party,CPDM, allegedly hired by the senior divisional officer, Zang III.


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