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Anglophone crisis: Ndu Mayor dies after being throttled with military teargas

Martin Fon Yembe SDF Ndu Mayor

Martin Fon Yembe, First Deputy Mayor of Ndu Council in the North West region of Cameroon is dead.

According to local news reports, the SDF Mayor who was equally a Journalist, got suffocated from military teargas.

Cameroon’s military officers allegedly threw tear gas in Fon Yambe’s compound on September 22. The teargas going by reports throttled the mayor and he died a few days later.

It is alleged that a governor’s order restricting the movements of persons prevented his family from transferring him to a better hospital. The administrative authorities in the region reportedly refused signing a permission order for him to travel but later did so when it was already very late.

Fon Yembe has been very vocal on the Anglophone cause in Cameroon and his last Facebook post of Friday September 22 read: ” As  BIR enters Ndu, electricity disappears! .


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