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Anglophone Crisis: Nguti People Captures And Hands Three Seperatist Fighters To Military

Seperatist Fighters

Indigenes from the South West begin to seek for tranquility as they denounce some seperatist fighters.The rising anti-amba sentiments pundits hold,is the kick back of repeated barbaric  acts. A clear example was show cased by the people of Nguti who capturted three terrorist.


This new development of the population rising against oppressors who have been under the shield of liberators and taking their destiny at hand ,has touched the subdivision in Kupe the Muanenguba division of the South West region.


The incident as revealed by the Divisional Officer, DO of Nguti, Etengene Steven Oben, in an interview on state-run CRTV. The local administrator disclosed that the captured and beaten seperatist included, Ewang Christanus and Enow Moses from Ekenge village, as reported by the Guardian post newspaper.

The population got provoked when the said terrorist attempted to prevent them from deliberating at the chief’s palace over a case concerning cocoa , beans theft.

Before the mop justice, the seperatists had kidnappeed two young boys. The population out of anger surrounded the terrorists and jointly got them beaten.

They are reported to have stormed the hideout of the seperatists to free the captives but before their arrrival,one of the young men was already killed by these seperatist fighters.

Since the community has decised to fight for thei r destiny by denouncing all terrorist, the Nguti village has relatively being peaceful  as confirmed by Etengene Oben, local administrator.

It must be reminded that this commmunity is a cocoa production basin, headed by HRM Chief Dr. Atem Ebako who doubles as President of the SW House of Chiefs and Vice President of the South West Regional Assembly.

A series of similar cases has been recorded over the weeks. The population of Oku Bui Division also rose against seperatist fighters and protested their actions. People of Mbanlangi on the outksirts of Kumba In Mbongr subdivision eventually took action against these seperatist.

Source: GP

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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