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Financial crisis hit Catholic schools as Anglophone protests persist

Rev.Fr. Nougi Alexander Sob

Catholic education authorities of the Buea diocese have said they are unable to pay teachers and other staff members due ineffective collection of school fees.

According to a letter signed by the catholic education secretary for the diocese of Buea, Rev. Father Nougi Alexander Sob, the uncertainty and instability of the current anglophone crisis affecting educational institutions in Cameroon has had great effect on the catholic education authorities in the diocese of Buea.

The letter dated March 20, states amongst other things the absence of government subvention to institutions and the ineffective collection of school fees which are the institution’s main source of finance, as reasons for the it’s current unfavorable financial situation.

“The current set up has made financial situation unfavorable for all. In this vein we wish to inform you all that it will be impossible to continue paying workers from the month of March” the letter reads.

The second term of the 2016/2017 school year is yet to resume in the North West and South West regions as students have not gone to school despite several attempts by government officials to get the school year begin effectively. The situation following the strike of Cameroon Teachers Trade Unions and Common Law Lawyers is at the origin of the blackout in schools in these regions.



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