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Student gendarme killed in Nguti

It was a bleak weekend in Nguti after a student gendarme was shot and killed by armed gunmen on Sunday afternoon around 2.00pm.

Student gendarme, Degoume Jean Claude was shot and killed at the Babensi I mixed control post in Nguti, along the Kumba-Mamfe road after gunmen took them by surprise, local reports say.

In an attempt to resist the gunmen, the student gendarme was shot and killed before bursting his eyes and collecting his weapon.

Student gendarme Degoume was killed in Nguti

The other gendarmes are said to have taken refuge to nearby bushes as the gunmen carried out their operations.

Degoume Jean Claude leaves behind a girlfriend Eloundou Chantal and and a seven-month old baby girl.

Reports say military reinforcement arrived Nguti on Sunday evening as tension continues to mount in the locality.

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