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Anglophone crisis:Minister condemns protest matches in Cameroonian embassies abroad

file- Issa Tchiroma, Communicaton Minister

Issa Tchiroma Bakary, Cameroon’s Minister of Communication has condemned recent demonstrations by Cameroonians in the diaspora in some Cameroon’s embassies abroad.

Speaking yesterday August 16 in Yaounde, Tchiroma said the acts smacks volumes of violence which are all punishable by the law.

It should be recalled that, some Cameroonians in London, South Africa, Belgium and other countries      carried out protests matches to disrupt Cameroon’s government delegations who were sent abroad to explain the current situation of the crisis rocking English speaking Cameroon.

Most of these meetings were highly interrupted with some protesters burning the country’s flag in some of the diplomatic missions.

Tchiroma yesterday condemned such actions and reiterate the country’s stand to remain united. “The country Cameroon is the will of the people and it is also the will of the United Nations.The flag which points to Cameroon’s sovereignty should be handled with dignity by all”.

” The current borders of Cameroon are known and deposited at the United Nations and all member countries of this institution have an obligation and mission to respect the configuration of Cameroon as it is validated.  Cameroon is a signatory of the Charter of the United Nations and to all conventions and charters protecting human rights.  The only thing that any country can ask of Cameroon is respect for human rights”

The government spokesman said investigations are still ongoing to get person who desecrated the country and the flag. He added that the government and citizens are determined to ensure that country maintained its unity.

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