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Anglophone detainees protest in Kondengui

Anglophone detainees at the Kondengui maximum security prison on Tuesday morning staged a protest strike against prison authorities for allegedly tortutring fellow anglophone detainees.

According to human rights lawyer, Felix Agbor Nkongho, the detainees went on rampage on Tuesday morning after 18 Anglophones  transferred  to the Kondengui Prison severely tortured prison guards.

The 18 detainees  currently detained in ‘Kosovo’, a section of Kondengui maximum security prison were kept in tight chains and were brutally tortured on Tuesday night by prison guards who repeatedly called them Ambazonians, Felix Agbor Nkongho said.

Fourteen of the detainees were brought in from the Buea central prison while four (04) were transferred from the Gendarmerie headquarters (SED).

“One of them(the prisoners) has a decaying wound, another is suffering with a broken arm,” he added.

As a result of the strike staged by the other detainees early on Tuesday morning, the prison registrar was forced to address them saying orders came from hierarchy demanding the detainees be kept in chains for observation.

It is only after long hours of negotiations between the inmates and the registrar that the situation returned to normal after activities had been grounded at the prison with visits temporarily suspended.

“This is a repeated pattern of treatment upon Southern Cameroonians and alleged separatists, none of their rights are respected, presumption of innocence seems not to exist and authorities act with impunity,” Agbor Balla said.

Prison authorities declined to comment publicly on the events at the prison.

List of 18 anglophone detainees recently brought in from Kondengui:

Tati Eric Ngu, Harris Boseme, Nkwetato Robert,  Ikoe Clinton,  Acha Ivo Aben,  John Marinus Ndenge, Oben Frankline Tabot, Eyong Charles,  Effia Gideon, Ordema Francis,  Agbor Taku Joseph,  Awu Gregory Ashu,  Tanyi Robert Tataw,  Jong Orlandus,  Njeya Jukius Bawe,  Kum Nestor, Ayukem Franklin, Fonjong Armstrong

Published on 05.05.2023

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