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Anglophone leadership blamed for slow action!

Teche Nyamusa Felix, aspirig SDF presidential candidate


“Yes Cameroonians of the English extraction have been on school strike for circa one academic year but her leadership has failed to give firm instructions in time as to the way forward as September traditional school reopen approaches!


This particular strike action which involves boycott of schools, and also courts for litigations is first of its kind in 56 years, since the creation of contemporary Cameroon. Those on strike (Anglophones or former British Southern Cameroons) follow Cameroon constitutional last resort resolve. Anglophones claim, and rightly so, that many their kind now does not want to live with their Francophone brothers and sisters because of acute marginalization or neo-colonization by the Francophone leadership.


Anglophone leadership call for school boycott and plan to return contemporary country Cameroon to the original planned two states federal country or outright independence is judiciously adhered to by her following. What she (Anglophone leadership) has failed doing is mapping to start their Anglophone school year before, on or after September 2017 as customary.


The somewhat evasive press mention of a “Southern Cameroons” schools-start later or in January 2018 increases the lingering doubts, thus opening room for adversaries predominantly the ruling CPDM regime woo adherents and sympathizers contemplate breaking the strike in other to get to school like the rest of the country without grievances.


There should be few things, if at all any exist, that rival the importance of education to mankind! Thus the entire revolution – a necessity, should profile education high!

I, Felix Teche Nyamusa militant and candidate for the SDF national chair-cum- SDF presidential candidate for the 2018 presidential polls join in supporting the strike of Anglophone Cameroonians.

The resolve to the last resort is an international and national democratic constitution provision or article. Resorting to the last resolve says the governed have right to sustainably stand up against its leadership and possibly cause regime change where leaders continuously pay a deaf ear to her complaints or yearnings.


The Nyamusa 2018 Cameroon presidential campaign had about two months ago urged the striking Anglophone leadership to firmly prepare, announce and take up a world renown school system that suits her culture and orientations in advance to fore store distraction from the Biya CPDM regime.


My advice for alternate education is just being timidly adhered to – date for school reopen is not yet definite! School reopen accompanying logistics in “Southern Cameroons” include school infrastructure, curriculum and teachers which by at least volunteerism, self-help, self-determination reminiscent of apartheid South Africa era are more or less available.


The late near lackadaisical talk of indefinite Anglophone school resumption is witnessing some parents otherwise Anglophone plight adherents post going to the hitherto condemned system. We urge Anglophones (leaders) to work hard in holding in tact her base by working urgently on this school resumption amongst their other many chores. 


The Nyamusa  SDF  national chairman/Cameroon  2018 presidential bid  supports  and encourages any  marginalized Cameroonians – Anglophone or Francophone ; minority or big  to stand  up to their constitutional rights  of progress and equal opportunity .

Nyamusa  campaign manifesto stands for  a two states federal Cameroon with each state  equal  in status  to the other ,we thus sue for a  united country of the original goals of the 1961  architects  of reunification (president Ahmadou Ahidjo and premier John Ngu Foncha)  –  an Anglophone and a Francophone  two states federal Cameroon  , united country bilingual, bijurial , bicultural … Nyamusa pledges to pay reparation to all knowingly marginalized Cameroonians. The Nyamusa campaign says No to Anglophone marginalization, No to Francophone marginalization!

In a federation like obtained in the USA, Canada …, states have varying laws, school schemes …however supervised by the federal government. Nyamusa bemoans the extent to which the CPDM (former CNU) incumbent regime has due to bad governance pushed an otherwise intact prospering nation to the point where Anglophones now want generally to break away!

It cannot be otherwise in contemporary Cameroon where ELECAM her supposedly independent elections body is appointed by the ruling party CPDM, and works for her appointee perpetuation in power; where separation of powers is a far dream – President Paul Biya usurps all functions of the other two arms of government (legislature and judiciary) – dips his hands with impunity into public coffers and there exist no difference between state and CPDM funds.”

Published on 05.05.2023

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