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Anglophone President could be temporary solution to Cameroon crisis, expert says

Panelists at event to celebrate international day for Living together

Electing an Anglophone as President of Cameroon could be a temporary solution to the crisis in the country as well as help consolidate national unity and living together, an expert has recommended.

Prof. Willbroad Dze-Ngwa, Professor in Political History and International Relations made the recommendation on Thursday  during an event to celebrate the International Day for Living Together in Peace organised by the Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation.

According to Prof. Dze Ngwa, if there was to be another Presidential election in Cameroon, then all contesting parties should invest an Anglophone as a candidate in order to get the country’s first ever Anglophone President.

To him, this will help calm the Anglophone frustrations in the country but added that it goes just beyond getting an Anglophone President to solve the problems in the country and consolidate living together.

“Living together should not just be a slogan but should action, persistent, insistent in order to bridge the gap that has been shaken…it is important for Cameroonians to come together and think about this notion,” he said while adding releasing all those detained in connection to the crises in Cameroon will help diffuse the situation.

On his part, Prof. Tangwa Godfrey challenged Cameroonians to see their cultural diversity as an opportunity rather and a challenge which has plunged the country into its present state.

Panelists at the event all agreed that Cameroonians should focus on what unites them if they have to consolidate peace and living together but stressed that the government must make a bold step to ensure and enhance a sincere dialogue amongst its people.




Published on 28.04.2020

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