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Anglophone protest: Coalition of separatist movements petition UN

Tassang Wilfred, SCACUF SG ©All rights reserved

A coalition of a handful of movements seeking the independence of Anglophone Cameroon have written to Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General, warning of a Rwanda-style genocide in Cameroon if the international institution does not intervene to put an end to the ongoing crisis that have been rocking the North West and South West regions since October 2016.

The coalition is christened Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Consortium United Front and popularly known as SCACUF. Tassang Wilfred, its Secretary General, in the petition dated May 18, 2017 and entitled “Exhaustion of Avenues for Peaceful Resolution,” calls on the UN to intervene promptly in order to avert what it referred to as “an impending disaster and waste of human life and valuable economic resources occasioned by the outbreak of violence.”

Tassang informs the UN SG that all avenues for peaceful dialogue have been exhausted and the Republic of Cameroon which it calls an “annexationist government” appears to want only the language of force which it is using on the people of the former British Trust Territory of Southern Cameroons.

The SCACUF letter recounts the genesis and road traveled by protesters in Anglophone Cameroon and notes with dismay, the division noticed among Catholic church prelate in the handling of the crisis by the church. SCACUF used the division and other historical ‘facts” to buttress its claim of a possible Rwanda-style genocide in the making.

Published on 10.02.2021

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